Brute Squad

BMA Riders United in Training for Endurance

Have you ever wanted to try a ride or race of 50 miles or more, but were intimidated by the distance, and not quite sure how to prepare? Have you ever participated in one of these rides or races and felt that you didn't meet you full potential? Have you had trouble finding like-minded riders to share long training rides? Your friends at the BMA are here to help!

Unfortunately, Brute Squad registration is closed for the 2014 season!

Sorry you missed out this year, but you can follow our fun storming the castle through the BMA Newsletter and on BMA's Facebook page.


Brute Squad Program Details

Program Goals

The training program has two primary goals:

  1. To help increase your potential as a mountain biker (endurance, power, speed, efficiency).
  2. To provide the tools needed to help you perform to your full potential on race day (pacing strategy, nutrition, hydration, focus, resilience, toughness).


Training schedule - Each athlete will receive a detailed training schedule which will feature shorter, higher intensity training rides on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and longer distance rides on Saturdays.

Coached workouts - Athletes will meet with the coaches for guided group workouts every Thursday evening and every other Saturday. The program will feature post-workout guest talks on bike maintenance, nutrition strategies, and mental skills for competition.

Practice Races - The schedule will include practice races under the guidance of the coaching staff, including the 18 Hours of Fruita as the early season kick-off race, one or two CU short track races at the Valmont Bike Park for speed work, and a mid-season, mid-distance race (e.g. Winter Park or RME series).

Start Date Training begins! Thursday, April 3, 2014
Practice Races*

18 Hours of Fruita

CU Short Track

Mid-season Race

Saturday, May 3, 2014

dates tbd

dates tbd

Target Race* Breckenridge B-68 Saturday, July 12, 2014

*Check out our FAQ for more information about participating in these events.


The cost of the 15-week training program is $249 for BMA members, and $329 for non-members. This cost does not include race fees.

Additional questions? Check the Program FAQ, or email Coach Scott