Why it needs some trail love: Currently, when you finish riding ReRoot Trail west to east, you are thrown out onto the road for the final few minutes of the ride as you head back to the parking lot on Peak to Peak Highway.

What we’re planning: We are building a new trail, which will extend the existing ReRoot Trail to the first climbing turn on the new Pungy Stick Trail (which may eventually become Aspen Alley all the way to Lookout Trail). This means that you’ll be able return to the parking lot on Peak to Peak highway entirely on singletrack.


Why they need some trail love: As you ride Hobbits 1 and 2, you will find sections of trail that are super steep and eroded – meaning that these trails can be fun for advanced riders in one direction. That also means that the same trails are a hike-a-bike in the other direction for the majority of riders.

What we’re doing: NATO and BMA are both fixing these sections to be fun and rideable in both directions in keeping with the planned character for the Zone 1 trails close to town. (If you’re an advanced rider who likes the gnar in one direction, you’ll still find it further out in Zones 2-4. Pedal out into the more backcountry zones and rock on.)


Why it needs some trail love: When you’re riding to the Schoolbus Trail on either Hobbit 2 or Hobbit 3, you get dumped out into a large road with a trail kiosk where folks are often camping. You then have to ride past a gate and down that road until you pick up the small connector on the right side of the road, which takes you to the bottom of the 105 Fireroad and eventually onto Schoolbus. It’s confusing and on-road, so not a great experience.

What we’re doing: We’ll be cleaning up those intersections so that Hobbit 2, Hobbit 3, and Schoolbus are all connected on trail without any road-riding and can be more intuitively navigated.

Pitch in to help make these awesome trail improvements on 8/25 or on 9/29.

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