Big thanks to the 484 of you who completed our member survey in the summer of 2021. Here’s what our community has to say about BMA.


  • The Top 3 Priorities wanted for BMA are New Trail Access & Development (77%), Advocacy & Policy Influence (63%), and Trail Maintenance & Improvement. (60%). However, there is mixed priority across these top three.
  • This year, the majority are happy with BMA’s investment in Maryland Mountain (73%). The majority are okay with BMA trail investments outside of Boulder County (78%), and 83% support collaboration with organizations outside of the local area.
  • Feelings about e-mountain bikes are mixed, but skew positive. Many (59%) would own an e-MTB bike and 61% say BMA should advocate for e-bikes on trails. However, 26% are for e-bikes on all trails and 35% are for e-bikes on designated trails only.



  • You are doing good work! BMA is appreciated. Keep up the hard work and keep fighting the good fight!
  • MTB riders really just want more trails, and they are okay with having to drive to them if they have to. Keep investing in trails outside of Boulder and keep collaborating with other organizations in Colorado.
  • The investment in more communication is paying off, and they want more, more, more!
  • There is work to be done to grow satisfaction and engagement measures to 80%+ Extremely Satisfied.
  • There is work to be done to secure membership joining, renewal, and donation.
  • There is a need for more inclusion and more ways to make everyone feel like they belong (beyond ethnic and gender diversity). Groups want to be catered to individually, but also to be mixed with their opposites, such as: beginners & advanced skill levels, younger & older, singles & families, larger groups & smaller groups, morning groups & evening groups, etc.
  • Some feel that the past aggressive posture does now work well for advocacy and that BMA has a bad reputation. There is a desire for more collaboration and friendliness.
  • There is a need for etiquette and to get along better with other trail users. Many are worried about how MTB riders are perceived by the community and other trail users.
  • Members and affiliates WANT to be put to work for BMA (90% want to volunteer)! Give them more jobs to do. Make everyone feel more needed and a part of the organization.
  • Continue to survey and interview members.

HUGE thank you to Jen Fredrickson for putting the survey and report together! Contact Jen.

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