BMA and Contour Logic were busy the third week of November installing trail signs in the West Mag lower system! Gone are the days of random trail numbers or no markers at all. With the warm weather this week, the lower system is rideable (at least until the next snow) so go check it out!

The USFS made some name changes to simplify things and make navigation easier, the new Hobbit trail encompasses Hobbit 1, Hobbit 2, 1/2 Hobbit 3 and New 34 (check Trailforks for updates). And this is a work in progress, a couple signs were overlooked and a few didn’t work where we thought they should but we’ll get the rest up next spring.

The USFS/Xcel Energy project has reduced the number of parking spaces at the Peak to Peak highway and Haul Rd. Remember that there’s plenty of parking a mile in at the Observatory Trailhead.

Check our all things Magnolia page for more information on this trail project.

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