Asa Firestone, co-owner of the Boulder Adventure Lodge, hosted BMA Business Partners for an evening hike and get-together on June 8. Why an exploratory hike? Now that CDOT is finishing up the Boulder Canyon Drive construction, BMA can get back to advocating for a new multi-use Betasso connector that would start somewhere around Fourmile Canyon Drive and we want our community to be aware about this opportunity.

BMA continues to advocate for new trails open to bikes, especially trails that improve connectivity from town and between adjacent trail areas. Boulder County Parks & Open Space evaluated Betasso connection options in 2016 but put the project on hold while CDOT completed the highway construction. BMA thinks there’s a great potential trail option behind the Adventure Lodge that won’t require a staircase and would give mountain bikers a new trail connection to Betasso from town without riding on Boulder Canyon Drive or Fourmile Canyon Drive. Let’s find a way to get people out of their cars and to our beautiful open space safely and funly! 

What are the next steps? BMA will be working to Boulder County Transportation and Boulder County Parks & Open Space about considering this trail again – stay tuned!

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