BMA officially requests that Boulder County Commissioners reopen the Regional Mountain Trails Project. If approved, this multi-departmental, multi-agency and stakeholder collaboration will provide the framework and processes necessary to evaluate new multi-use trail connections between communities and open spaces, as well as explore new Indian Peak Traverse corridors. To this end, BMA sent the following email on September 29, 2021:

Dear Commissioners Jones, Levy, Loachamin,

Please find attached Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA)’s request to reopen the Regional Mountain Trails project.

This multi-agency project involves many stakeholders, and BMA has also included letters of support from Cyclists 4 Community, Colorado Mountain Club, Boulder Area Trails Coalition, and Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW). In addition, “The Lyons Parks and Recreation Commission is unanimous on the importance of the Regional Mountain Trail Project and encourages all stakeholders and agencies to re-engage in this effort.” BMA also reached out to many of the original partners and staff who were involved with the original project.

We realize that restarting this project would require county resources and staff time, and may require additional funding and resources than are currently available. To that end, we are also including a presentation of Outside285, a similar regional level wildlife and trails planning process that was funded with a CPW planning grant. While the exact methodology and needs of Boulder County may differ from the Outside285 area, we believe that this collaborative planning process and funding opportunity can also serve Boulder County.

Boulder County is known as a leader in public lands protection and planning for future generations. We hope you will agree with our position that proper regional trails planning is needed to address the needs of our growing population and changing climate.

We eagerly await your response and are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Wendy Sweet
Executive Director

BMA Official Request

Colorado Mountain Club’s Letter of Support
Cyclist 4 Community’s Letter of Support
Boulder Area Trails Coalition’s Letter of Support
Colorado Parks & Wildlife’s Letter of Support

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