April 23, 2020 Update: Boulder City Council approved “20 is Plenty” and lower speed limits for residential streets will be implemented in May.

BMA fully supports Community Cycles’20 is Plenty” campaign. With the current Stay at Home order and directions to ride close to home, BMA backs making residential streets safer by immediately changing the speed limit from 25 mph to 20 mph on appropriate streets (see Map for excluded roads).

We sent the following letter to Boulder City Council.​

Hello council,

As always, thank you for all you do, especially in these trying times! I wanted to share the below statement from BMA on your upcoming discussion about the 20mph speed limit.

The Boulder Mountainbike Alliance supports the “20 is Plenty” proposal to set the speed limit for all neighborhood streets at 20 mph. The basic reason for the proposed change is the exponential increase in injury caused by linear increase in automobile speeds. Twenty mph will cause significantly less injury than 25mph when an automobile hits a cyclist or pedestrian.

This matters to us because we are generally cyclists and walkers. For mountain bikers, there are some special reasons. We prize being able to ride our bikes from home to the trails, not having to get into a car for our outdoor recreation. Boulder’s geography supports that desire since the city is right next to the mountains and has natural surface trails open to bicycling adjacent to or near the city. Mountain bicycling is generally very safe, but if we ride through town to get to the trails we do expose ourselves to the dangers of urban streets. So we want the street portion of our journeys to be more safe than it currently is. A 20mph speed limit will help.

4th and 13th streets are good examples for us. People will ride both on their way to or from the city’s north trails, to boulder canyon and even Heil Ranch. Another popular destination for riding direct from home are the trails near Marshall. The Broadway Boogie trail may be off-street, but getting to that route from east or west of Broadway involves urban street riding.

Many of us have children and we want to encourage them to learn and enjoy mountain biking, for their health, spirit, and transportation. This can only be accomplished if our urban streets are safe.

The present virus crisis only makes this need more urgent. Open space trails are often crowded and we need more room and more safety on urban streets. Please immediately pass the legal change to the speed limit.

Marcus Popetz
Boulder Mountainbike Alliance

We encourage City of Boulder residents to also support “20 is Plenty.”

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