By Head Coach Scott Gurst

Despite the challenges of training during a pandemic (and the fact that all of our races and events were cancelled this year), the 37 members of Brute Squad (BMA Riders United in Training for Endurance) continued to train hard this season. In past years, the Brutes have completed long training programs in preparation for a challenging end of summer race. This year they still trained to ride stronger, smarter, longer, and funner with a tight community of fellow mountain bikers.

Initially, Brutes trained alone during the Stay at Home order but then were able to meet in small groups, completing a challenging 15-week schedule of workouts and long rides, including two virtual races. The first, Virtual Laramie, featured a 30+ mile course that started with a sweet lap around the West Mag system, followed by a climb up the 505 and descent through some of Ned’s finest. Then, on August 29, the Brute Squad completed their training program with a tough end-of-season “race”, a virtual version of the Dakota Five-O, a.k.a. “The Da-Covid Five-O.” The out-and-back course featured climbs over Joder Ranch, Heil Ranch, and Hall Ranch, totaling over 50 miles and over 5,000 feet of climbing. On the final day of our 2020 season, 25 Brutes rode a total of over 1250 miles.

Congrats and thanks to our assistant coaches (Adam, Will, and Sunny), and to all of our BMA athletes for showing great perseverance despite a host of challenges this season! Looking forward to riding and racing with you in 2021 …

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