Interested in e-bike access on natural surface trails in Boulder? City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks (OSMP) will solicit public comment this summer.

City of Boulder regional trails:
🚫 Parts of the LoBo trail system (Cottonwood, Cottontail, IMB Connector)
🚫 Boulder Canyon Trail
🚫 Teller Farms and East Boulder Trails
🚫 East Marshall Mesa – Mayhoffer Singletree and Coalton
🚫 Chapman Drive
🚫 South Boulder Creek

City of Boulder singletrack trails:
🚫 Marshall Mesa, Doudy Draw, Flatirons Vista
🚫 Boulder Valley Ranch (Eagle, Left Hand)
🚫 Joder Ranch

Boulder County Parks & Open Space mountain trails (Betasso Preserve, Walker Ranch, Heil Valley Ranch, Hall Ranch, and Rabbit Mountain) are not included in this evaluation.

Map of OSMP Trails
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