After a nearly 4 month closure, the Coalton trailhead and trail reopened on Feb. 1. Boulder County Parks & Open Space closed the area to resurface Coalton and allow cattle grazing on Meadowlark. We’ve gotten a few questions about this project, here’s what we know:

Did county staff pave Coalton?
No. The surface is recycled asphalt, the same treatment that Open Sky at Lagerman and Meadowlark have received. Initially the trail may look and feel paved but it will wear in to be gravel-like soon. County staff says, “Recycled asphalt is a more durable material that helps stabilize the trail surface, minimize erosion, provides a smooth and more enjoyable trail surface, and minimizes future maintenance needs.

Why is the trail so straight?
To protect natural resources. From county staff, “Alternative trail routes had been evaluated and were determined to be too disruptive to the sensitive surrounding grasslands and associated wildlife species.

Why is the trail so wide?
This section of Coalton has been identified as a segment of the Rocky Mountain Greenway trail. This trail is intended to be a multi-use regional trail and 10′ wide is a standard for this use. Construction started up at Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge last fall and soon this trail will connect from Boulder to Rocky Mountain Arsenal.

Is the Dirty Bismark reopened?
As long as there are not muddy trail closures in place, the full Dirty Bismark loop is back open for business.

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