(New BIPOC Ride Guide Brooke Goudy)

We love getting people outside in nature on bikes! Boulder Mountainbike Alliance is taking steps to be more welcoming and inclusive for first-time riders, women, BIPOC folks, and anyone who might not see themselves represented in typical mountain bike culture.

Some of the steps we’re taking are adding a Diversity and Inclusivity page to our website to state our goals (coming soon), working on making our website available in Spanish, creating a Getting Started page with tips for first-timers, establishing a BIPOC Group Ride (coming Spring 2021), and developing partnerships with other like-minded organizations. BMA has hosted a very popular women’s ride for over 10 years and seeks to create a similar, safe space for BIPOC riders to recreate together. There’s not much on the calendar right now, thanks to COVID, wildfires, and the slow arrival of winter but we’ll have a full schedule next spring. Learn more about becoming a Ride Guide and helping lead group rides or joining our diversity & inclusivity volunteer committee.

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