In 2019, BMA is partnering with the City of Boulder Parks and Open Space (OSMP) to rehabilitate Doudy Draw.

Background: Sections of Doudy Draw are heavily eroded and rocks are constantly breaking free, rolling down the hill and causing the trail to deteriorate from its original condition. In addition, the soil on the hill between Flatirons Vista and the bridge below the switchback turns into peanut butter-type mud anytime it rains, resulting in the trail being closed by OSMP due to muddy conditions. This project will repair the decades of damage this trail has endured, and will construct a more fun, durable and sustainable trail that will include FUN bike-optimized alternative lines that will last for years to come.

The Project: Two trail days with BMA and OSMP on May 16 and May 18 began the process of temporarily removing the top layer of loose soil so that small rocks could be added to the soil to help with stabilization. Throughout the rest of the summer, staff and volunteers will add rock armoring and install bike-optimized alternative lines. This project will take into consideration foot, horse and bike use, as well as climbing and descending needs. Oh, and did we mention bike-optimized alternative lines!?! This is a huge step forward in more progressive trail design for City of Boulder trails, and BMA is proud to be partnering on this project.

Get Involved: BMA will be building on Doudy Draw on the second Thursday of every month and one Saturday in September. Sign up now:

July 11
August 8
September 12
September 14