So you may have been wondering what’s been happening with the Eldorado Canyon State Park (ECSP) connector to Walker Ranch since it’s been pretty silent lately after our last article about the delay of the trail.

After the previous public process and pullback by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), BMA was invited to attend a task force hosted by CPW on overall “Visitor Use Master Planning” or The VUMP. That basically means how visitors get to and interact with the park.

BMA attended the first Task Force meeting on June 26, along with other stakeholders including land managers, hikers, climbers, equestrians, Eldorado Springs residents, Eldorado Artesian Springs and transportation. On August 5, ECSP Manager John Carson gave members of the Task Force a tour of the Park, focusing on key areas such as the Eldorado Canyon hiking trail, the picnic area, the Fowler trail, the Streamside trail, and the gate house. In the afternoon, the Task Force met again to talk about traffic and congestion strategies.

The VUMP and Task Force is not the mechanism for deciding if the new multi-use Eldo-to-Walker trail will be approved. It is only concerned with visitor experience, traffic, congestion, and impacts to the Eldorado Springs community. The public will have an opportunity to weigh in on these issues in two public open houses on September 9 and September 17 and a yet to be released online survey. See the timeline.

The last meeting of the Task Force in early 2020 will focus on the Eldo-to-Walker trail in context of all of those access issues discussed above and then CPW, with input from other agencies, is going to make a final decision on the trail in mid 2020 based on all of the data gathered in the previous public process as well as the access issue data gathered in this current process.

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