To: Marni Ratzel, BCPOS
Kacey French, OSMP
John Carson, CPW

Subject: Options for Eldo to Walker Trail

Dear Eldo to Walker Study Team Member,

BMA has been advocating for a multi-use trail from Eldorado Springs to Walker Ranch for almost two decades, and we are grateful that the City, County, and State have teamed up to study possible trail alignments in terms of feasibility, sustainability, habitat and wildlife concerns, and economic responsibility.

The topic of regional trail connectivity is becoming increasingly important and this Eldo to Walker trail would provide a much needed connection from the plains to the mountains.

The team has put forth three options, namely a South route, a North route, and no multi-use trail at all. BMA believes that a fourth option should be considered, consisting of both a South route and an upgraded North route. Having both trails would spread trail users over twice the mileage and provide unique management options, for instance directional travel, alternating use, seasonal closures, as well as create a large loop trail. The North and South alignments are very different in landscape, terrain, and user experience, and offering both trails would allow people to select the one more in line with their ability.

Given that the fourth option is not on the list offered at the open house, our next preferred option would be the South route, because it is longer, and due to the landscape and terrain we expect it to provide a better user experience.

We understand the challenges this complex project presents and appreciate the opportunity to provide input on this feasibility study.

Wendy Sweet
President of the Board of Directors
Boulder Mountainbike Alliance

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