YES! The three agency group that has been studying the Eldo-to-Walker trail concept concluded in their feasibility study that the north route is their preferred alignment. In their own words:

“After collaboration to complete the Trail Feasibility Study and careful consideration of the findings, Boulder County Parks & Open Space, the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife are jointly recommending the North Route (using segments N1-N2-N4) as the preferred alignment for an Eldorado Canyon to Walker Ranch multi-use trail connection. The project partners are recommending this alternative as it achieves the desired objective of completing the multi-use trail connection in a way the partners believe will best balance the conservation and recreation needs of the area.”

Note that this recommendation for the north route means that the agencies chose not to recommend the “no action” alternative that would have meant not building this critical regional trail connector. This is hands down the most exciting opportunity for regional trail connectivity that BMA has had the chance to be a part of. In addition to this being an incredible near-town riding opportunity, this trail is also the last missing piece of the¬†Indian Peaks Traverse¬†regional trail connecting Boulder to Winter Park on a non-motorized, backcountry trail.

Come to the Open House on Wednesday 11/28 to show your support and provide feedback to staff. A large showing is critical to keeping the momentum.

In addition we need you to submit comments online between Wednesday, Nov. 28 and Sunday, Dec. 9 to document what Boulder mountain bikers want.

Here are BMA’s recommended talking points. Please word them in your own language and according to your own feelings and ideas, which is much more effective than a simple cut-and-paste.

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. I am pleased to see all three agencies agreeing to one trail alignment for a multi-use trail from Eldo-to-Walker.

  3. Getting here after almost 2 decades is amazing.

  4. Please keep the momentum going and continue working together to make this trail a reality NOW.

  5. I’d like to see specific commitments made to ensure that this trail will be a priority.

  6. I don’t want to wait 20 more years for this trail to open.

  7. Explicitly define the next steps for implementation.

  8. Look at the big picture – the Indian Peaks Traverse will lead from the plains to the mountains and over the Continental Divide and be comparable to the Colorado Trail or the Continental Divide Trail.

  9. Any real chance for a connection from the plains into the foothills without having to be on a road shared with cars?

  10. I want to volunteer to help build this trail. Where can I sign up?

  11. I want to help raise money for building this trail. Where can I sign up?

  12. I am looking forward to riding my bike through spectacular Eldorado Canyon so close to Boulder.

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