Updated 10/5/2023 with forum recordings.

The Boulder Mountainbike Alliance, Community Cycles and Cyclists 4 Community hosted Cycling Candidate Forums on Monday, October 2 (mayor) and Tuesday, October 3 (council) at 5 p.m. at the Tune Up at Full Cycle. We have come together to help inform our respective constituencies on where each Boulder City Council and mayor candidate stands on the issues that matter to us, such as safety, theft, enforcement, and access.

BMA asked the question, “Would you support a soft-surface singletrack trail open to bikes (either an existing hiker-only trail or a new trail) connecting the south end of town to the Doudy Draw trailhead? Why or why not? If so how?”

Mayor candidate responses
City Council candidate responses

Ahead of this forum, we gave each candidate the opportunity to answer the following questions to create a scorecard. We realize that some of these questions can be very nuanced and the candidates’ responses may be incomplete. Candidates had the opportunity to speak on these topics at the forum, recordings provided below.

1. Do you own a bike?
2. If yes, do you use your bike for exercise?
3. If yes, do you ride on dirt singletrack trails?
4. If yes, do you use your bike for commuting?
5. If yes, do you use your bike for errands?
6. If yes, do you use your bike for recreation?
7. Are you a current member of the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance?
8. Are you a current member of Community Cycles?
9. Are you a supporter of Cyclists 4 Community or its subsidiary, Wednesday Morning Velo?
10. Do you support increasing City funding by at least 10% for improved bike infrastructure, such as protected bike lanes, Green Streets and safer intersections?
11. Are you willing to take street space away from motor vehicles and allocate toward alternate modes of transportation and other uses?
12. Do you believe that bike theft is a serious, recurring issue in Boulder that needs to be dealt with greater attention and/or urgency?
13. Do you believe that the Vision Zero Action Plan goes far enough in creating a safe environment for cyclists?
14. Do you believe local or state laws should be changed to increase penalties for crashes with cyclists?
15. Do you believe there should be increased enforcement against cyclists who abuse or don’t follow local laws?
16. Would you support additional restrictions on right-turn-on-red movements?
17. Do you support a singletrack trail open to cyclists connecting South Boulder to Doudy Draw trailhead through city-owned land?
18. Do you support the Safe Zones for Kids initiative?
19. Do you support mandatory training for minors using e-bikes?

Here are the responses, please note that the questions have been abbreviated for legibility.

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