November 23, 2020 Update:

Boulder County Parks & Open Space (BCPOS) gave another update on Heil Valley Ranch at the November 19 POSAC Meeting. Some highlights:

  • BCPOS is developing a recovery plan and looking for funding.
  • Soil erosion is a huge concern. The most severe fire damage is above the Greer drainage. Erosion can cause landslides or contaminate the water supply.
  • Recovery will involve re-seeding and mulch dropping.
  • Much of the recovery work will be happening in Spring 2021
  • BCPOS is considering the request to open Picture Rock trail as far as deemed safe.

Watch Resource Management Manager Therese Glowacki’s 10 minute update to POSAC.

November 2, 2020 Update: Image gallery updated with new photos from Wapiti, Ponderosa Loop and Lichen Loop


At the Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020 Parks & Open Space Advisory Committee (POSAC) meeting, Boulder County Parks & Open Space Director (BCPOS) Director Eric Lane and Senior Forestry Resource Specialist Stefan Reinold gave a great update on their initial look at fire impacts to Heil Valley Ranch.

Some highlights:

  • No impacts to Corral Trailhead area/infrastructure. Fire retardant air drops provided great protection of the Corral area and Altona Schoolhouse and infrastructure.
  • Limited impact to upper trailhead area (1 bridge destroyed, 1 bridge damaged, some trees were damaged and will die).
  • Resident Ranger Grady’s house is fine, no damage. Historic barn and cabin also survived. Wildfire mitigation work and good maintenance were factors.
  • Low overall impact to trees in many areas where past wildfire mitigation and forest treatment and prescribed fire work occurred.
  • Areas of high fire impact, mainly on the western and more dense forest areas. Heavy or compete tree loss in places, high heat burn in places.
  • Post-fire soil erosion will be a concern in places.
  • Big log pile from the forest thinning that was to be used as biomass is gone.
  • No mention of trail impacts.
  • The losses could have been much worse.
  • The deer are fine!!! The turkeys are fine!!!

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Click on the image to see full gallery.

Here’s a link to the 25 minute presentation.

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