Boulder County Parks & Open Space staff gave an update on Calwood fire recovery efforts at Heil Valley Ranch at the September 23 POSAC meeting. Here’s a quick summary:

– Recap of the now completed mulching project
– Crews have installed 30 structures – various kinds of debris dams
– Crews are replacing culverts
– Prioritizing and planning around golden eagle buffer before seasonal wildlife closure starts Dec 15
– Crews are also doing floodplain work
– Contractors are using the main and Corral trailheads and parking lots in south Heil. Staff believes it’s too big of a safety risk to allow public any access
– South Heil will be closed until all structure (debris dam) work is done (Spring 2022)

When a POSAC member asked about trail closures, specifically Schoolhouse and Overland trails, Parks & Open Space Director Therese Glowacki answered, “…with the work that they’re doing with the structures it’s primarily based out of the, not primarily but completely based out of the south end of the property. So they’re using the trailheads at the south, they’re using the main trailhead, they have big pieces of equipment coming and going and people, everyone out there, has safety hats and safety vests and and everything. So for us to even consider bringing the public in with that kind of activity out there it would be too big of a safety issue.”

Here’s a link to the approximately 30 minute update:

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