Go to and click “Log in”

After you log in, hover over Welcome {Name} and select Personal Dashboard

Your dashboard will have your membership expiration date. If you need to renew, just click the “Renew Now” button. You can also download your membership packet which contains your BMA membership card.

But wait, is BMA still a chapter of IMBA?

At the beginning of 2018, IMBA announced that the former Chapter Program would evolve into a new program, available to all mountain bike groups, called IMBA Local. As part of this restructure, IMBA will no longer be a membership organization. Read more information on this program in their announcement.

What this means…

BMA will no longer share memberships with IMBA. Under the new agreement, IMBA provides BMA with membership processing, database management, software and fulfillment services for a processing fee. For every membership, BMA now pays a flat fee of $10 per membership (including your IMBA socks) verses 60% from the previous Chapter Program structure. This allows BMA to put more of your membership dollars into local projects!

Where your dollars go…

We hope you’ll join forces with your fellow Boulder mountain bikers who are committed to our trails and working with our land manager partners to develop new trails throughout the county!


Please note that if you have changed your email address since starting a BMA membership, you may have a duplicate membership. If you are having issues with anything related to your membership, please contact IMBA Member Services at

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