The December 30, 2021 Marshall Fire destroyed over 1084 structures in Boulder County and some of our BMA members were among those that lost their homes. Here is a (partial) list of these families and how to support them.

Chad Baker and Shannon and Isla. The family has met their fundraising goal.

Rami Boneh, his wife Tamar and sons. Support Rami’s family.

Nola Chow and daughter Wren. Nola is a multi-year Brute Squad member. Support Nola.

Aaron Clark, and his wife Lindsay and sons Aden and Axel. Aaron is the Policy Manager at the International Mountain Bicycling Association and Lindsey coaches for Boulder Junior Cycling. The family has met their fundraising goal for the time being.

Erik, Sarah and Alex Ela. Support the Elas.

Max Gerson and his family Shana, Gabby and Dylan. Support Max’s family.

Kirk Holub has been a volunteer trail crew leader for many years, you may have worked on a crew with him. When asked if he needs direct help, he responded, “If a GoFundMe were setup in my name I would likely donate funds raised to BMA to build/repair trails.” 

Madison Kuhn is a newer mountain biker and BMA member. She’s a recent grad of CU and was living in the Sagamore neighborhood. Support Madison.

David Leedy and his wife Barb. David is a BMA volunteer and former Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol director. Support David and Barb.

Paul Logan and his wife Michele and kids Noah, Simon, and Jessie. Support Paul’s family.

Brian Parks and Elsa Johnson. Support Brian and Elsa

Garrett Wilson and wife Tracy and son Grant. Support Garrett’s family.

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