We are looking for new board members for the 2020-2021 term! Have you thought about helping BMA fulfill its mission and want to help steer our vision? Then we want to talk to you! Here’s some of the specific skill needs we have but we are also just looking for riders who want a leadership role in making mountain biking awesome in Boulder County! So read on for skill sets, check out what responsibilities a BMA Board member has and take a look at our application. Application deadline 10/31/2019.



BMA is looking for a Board member that has a firm understanding of budgeting both in building budgets and analyzing performance against a budget over time. Familiarity with Quickbooks is a big plus because you’ll work with our contracted bookkeeper and ensure that appropriate financial and accounting internal controls are in place. We also have to file these pesky things called taxes, and 990 forms and such… so experience there or experience hiring somebody and getting the information to the contractor is a plus. We are looking for someone who can also be the financial liaison to the Board and can translate financial concepts and information for board members who do not have financial backgrounds or substantial financial experience. 

You’re the person who helps us figure out how much money we can spend on building trails, and then helps us make sure we don’t spend too much money building trail throughout the year!


So, sadly, many people who ride mountain bikes in Boulder don’t even know who BMA is. Additionally, only around 1,000 out of the approximately 37,000 mountain bikers are paying members of BMA. So, we need help figuring out how to get our word out to everyone so that everyone knows who we are, what we do, and if we communicate that well, is all on board with joining.

Having experience with Social Media and writing funny/cool ad campaigns, how to track those and promote them a huge plus. When we do our membership drives, you know how to guide those. You don’t have to handle the social media, but some guidance on how we should be guiding volunteers and paid staff on how to execute this would be a big plus. Same thing for our newsletter and when we should be doing print advertising vs not, etc.  

Ie:  Help us get the word out!

Trails Expertise

Are you a trail builder? Have you been trained on what makes a great trail and trail building techniques? Want to make sure that voice of good trail is represented on the board? Join us! Push for buying a MiniEx! Help us organize the next level trail building seminars! Help us expand our capacity to build good trail!

Business Relationships

Business Memberships and Relationships are key to what BMA does. You think we pay for all that beer and pizza at parties? No! Lots of it is donated by business partners. If you’re good at networking, partnerships, figuring out how we can help our business partners while they help us promote our mission, we could use your leadership on the board. 


To be honest, Boulder has a lot of money in it. We want to be able to tap into that money when a trail opportunity presents itself. So if you have Development and Fundraising skills, we could use your help to make sure we are building good relationships. If you have experiencing running fundraisers, that’s great. If you know how to write grants and find grant opportunities, awesome!

Community Building

The BMA tribe! Why doesn’t everyone feel like they’re a part of the BMA tribe? We want to instill the trail building/giving back mentality in with the have fun and ride bikes mentality to create a vibe that everyone wants to be a part of in some way. So if you have experience organizing events and understanding what events provide diversity of opportunity and a good time, that would be great. Make sure the “have fun, build community” vibe is laced into everything we do. Experience working with a marketing person or doing your own marketing a plus.


We believe that having different types of people on the board is going to make our organization better and more representative of what mountain bikers are actually like in Boulder. 

So we’re looking for diversity while still having the skills listed above! That can mean anything, so don’t feel excluded if we don’t list you… bring your diversity our way!

To try to be inclusive and fight against the white bro shredder mentality, let us explicitly say that we embrace/want Women, LGBTQ+, Latinx, Young, Middle Aged, Old, beginner riders, riders for decades, terrible riders, great riders, downhillers, cross country riders and folks that live in all parts of Boulder County (Lyons? Nederland? Longmont? Louisville/Superior? Boulder?) and anything else!


Interested in applying? Head on over to our application and THANK YOU!

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