CDOT is studying ways to improve safety for bicyclists and pedestrians within Region 4 (northeast Colorado) with a survey open until Aug. 26. CDOT manages a few important roads in Boulder County, including Highway 119, Highway 36 between Lyons and Boulder and Highway 7 between Lyons and Allenspark. There are a lot of ways we can make cycling safer in Boulder County on CDOT roads and for cycling in general, see Cyclists 4 Communities for ideas. And for mountain bike specific improvements, read on.

BMA’s goal is to continue to advocate for new mountain bike trails, especially trails that improve connectivity from town and between adjacent trail areas. We are especially excited for a possible connection from Fourmile Canyon to Betasso Preserve. Here are some areas of improvement for Betasso Preserve, Hall Ranch and Teller Farm access.

Boulder Canyon/Fourmile Canyon Drive intersection. This intersection sees a lot of cyclist traffic – communters, roadies, gravel riders and mountain bikers. 

Survey Suggestion: CDOT should improve the safety of this intersection, including adding an on-demand flashing crosswalk light. This will make biking to Fourmile Canyon Drive (including Poorman Road, Fourmile Link trailhead and a possible new Betasso connector) safer for cyclists.

Boulder Canyon Drive between Chapman Drive and the Betasso Link Trail. The Boulder Canyon Drive improvement project did not include extending the Canyon Trail from Chapman Drive to the Betasso Link Trail. This extension would have required a 3rd underpass and the project did not have enough funding for this undertaking. We are now left with a gap between the Canyon Trail and the Link trail of .5 miles where cyclists must travel directly on Boulder Canyon Drive to access the Betasso Link from town.

Survey Suggestion: CDOT should add a short trail connection from the Canyon Trail to Boulder Canyon Drive on the north side of the highway (just before the underpass to Chapman) and widen/improve the highway shoulder between Chapman and the Betasso Link Trail.

Highway 7 between Lyons and the Bitterbrush Trailhead. The 2013 Flood washed out a non-system trail between Highways 7 and Old S St Vrain road between Lyons and Hall Ranch. CDOT is beginning an extensive repair project to Highway 7 this fall.

Survey Suggestion: CDOT should add a multi-use path along this section of Highway 7 to allow people to safely access Hall Ranch from Lyons.

Apple Valley Rd and Highway 36. Highway 36 has a decent bike lane and a separate bike/golf cart path but cyclists riding from Lyons to Apple Valley Road and the Antelope trailhead still need to cross the highway.

Survey Suggestion: With an existing bridge, this would be a great location for an underpass. At the very least there should be a marked crosswalk with on-demand crossing lights.

Arapahoe Teller Farm Access. Currently, the Teller Farm system terminates at Arapahoe Rd. between 75th and 95th, with no safe way of accessing this trailhead by any means other than driving (no shoulders or bike lanes on Arapahoe, no multi-use path or trail along Arapahoe).

Survey Suggestion: CDOT should work to create a safe bicycle facility along Arapahoe to provide access to this trailhead, in the form of a separate path or bike lanes.

The survey takes less that 5 minutes to complete, please weigh in!

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