COMBA and BMA are building the next amazing bike trail at Maryland Mountain and it’s going to be one-of-a-kind!

Sometimes, when you work hard enough and long enough, dreams do come true. We finally have the opportunity to build the kind of trail we’ve been hunting and the already great trail system on Maryland Mountain is the site. When these trails were originally planned, they left off this portion of the mountain as it was too rocky and steep for the types of trails being envisioned. So we asked if we could take the lead and build something really special. The generous folks in Black Hawk agreed and we got busy putting this project together!

This June we will be starting construction on a hand-built, steep and challenging bike-only trail that starts next to Hard Money and descends alongside it, one rock-strewn ridge over. To make sure this rare project meets your expectations, we’ve reached out to the talented folks at Jagged Axe Trail Designs to complete the design and get it built this summer. We’ve seen their rock work, and many of you have ridden it in Glorieta NM, so we know these guys can get it done right.

As part of our deal with Black Hawk, we agreed to bring the funding for design and construction. Enter our new Front Range partners at Orbea, fresh on the scene with their new US headquarters in Boulder. They were looking for a new trail project to sponsor in their new community and the timing could not have been better. We’ve also received a construction grant from the amazing team at Team Evergreen Cycling to bring us to about 70% of the way to our fundraising goal!

To pass the time as we wait for the snow to clear, we have a full calendar of promotions and events slated for this winter/spring. We want to hear your hopes and dreams for this trail too, so we will be reaching out with an online survey and an in-person meeting to meet the builders and discuss the possibilities. First up is a bike sweepstakes that we will be kicking off next week! The contest runs from February 16 – March 16, 2022.

BONUS: Although we have a working title for this new trail, we’ll need a permanent name! You’ll be able to submit your trail name ideas when you enter the sweepstakes kicking off next week. Winning entrant will have bragging rights for life!

Maryland Mountain is becoming a destination trail system!

Maryland Mountain already offers green, blue and black level trails for miles of smiles no matter your level or experience. This upcoming downhill-only trail will cater to the black/double-black crowd and the yet-to-be named trail will surely provide plenty of heart-pounding thrills.

You can learn more about the Maryland Mountain project HERE.

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