After an in-depth recruiting process and a November retreat weekend in Nederland, the BMA Board is excited to welcome 7 new members to our board of directors!

  • Ryan Beck
  • Lauren Costantini
  • Rafael Guevara
  • A.J. Kamish
  • Colin Towner
  • Deb Trevor
  • Kelsey Wisinski

Continuing members

  • Marcus Popetz
  • Rich Cook
  • Jimmy Martin

Retiring members

  • Adam Sher – former president and 10 year board member
  • Brian Collins
  • Bob Richards – will serve in his role of Treasurer until his term ends in February

Thanks for your hard work over the years Adam, Brian and Bob!

Learn more about our board or see other ways to get involved and volunteer!

(Adam Sher, Colin Towner, Ryan Beck, Jimmy Martin, Raf Guevara, Marcus Popetz, Kelsey Wisinski, A.J. Kamish, Deb Trevor, Rich Cook, Wendy Sweet (staff). Not pictured – Bob Richards and Lauren Costantini.)

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