A huge thanks to the 481 people who completed our 2021 Survey! We’ll put together a report later this year, stay tuned! Our $100 University Bicycles Gift Card winners are:

– Steven Brier
– McLean Sale
– Jeff Deems

But in the meantime, here’s some answers to frequently mentioned questions and concerns. And as always, feel free to drop us a message any time.


“Because BMA does not support ebikes, therefore we will stop supporting BMA” and “I don’t like MBA supporting ebikes on trails. Yeah, I’m an oldster-snob who scoffs at ebikers. Such wussies, I say.”

BMA’s official statement about eMTBs is neutral. The Board of Directors included questions about eMTBs on this survey to help inform an updated position on eMTBs.


“Completely unnecessary covid limits on group rides” and “Open group rides back up to unlimited numbers.”

We have no COVID restrictions on group ride size at this time and have never had unlimited numbers on rides. We try to keep group rides limited to about 12-14 riders, both for management and out of courtesy to other trail users. Because our rides are guided and no-drop, we need enough volunteer Ride Guides per ride to be able to break rides of 15 or more into smaller, manageable groups. We found limiting sign-ups to no more than 24-30 meets this goal.


“Still unclear why BMA refused the offer of a Betasso link trail above Boulder Canyon when bikes were shut out of the Anemone Trail plans. The story in the Camera made it sound like an emotional decision. Could it be revisited?”

There was never an offer, but BMA is very interested in a new link to Betasso (and not changing the current Betasso Link).


“Still really murky (to me): the relationship between BMA and IMBA.”

IMBA processes BMA’s memberships (for a $12/membership fee) and BMA has Chapter Level support. BMA doesn’t use many IMBA resources beyond Membership Drive incentives, but we do believe in supporting the national level organization.


“You know that the question about BMA’s relationship with IMBA is misleading. Most members don’t know that the $12 paid is not a donation but rather a processing fee.”

The $12/membership BMA pays to IMBA is more than just processing fees. This fee supports the IMBA Local Program, including programs like Dig In. BMA has done some estimates for in-house membership processing that show the membership cost is in the $3-$10 range depending on software, staff time and free socks.


“I wished there was a 4th priority option, which I would have set on diversity and inclusion/ access to new riders, especially from underprivileged backgrounds.” and “I used to be a solid supporter of BMA but the recent divergence into political bullshit that has nothing to do with trail access and MTB has made me decide to no longer support BMA. Biking has nothing to do with BLM and Pride advocacy.”

The BMA Board of Directors made a commitment to make BMA more inclusive of first-time riders, women, BIPOC folks, and anyone who might not see themselves represented in typical mountain bike culture. We’re stoked to be working with people like Brooke Goudy and native Spanish speaker Christian Vargas on our new BIPOC and Latinx group rides. We also created a New to MTB? page to show how mountain biking can be affordable and accessible to more people. We have plans to partner with Lucky to Ride this fall to help underserved kids get out on mountain bikes.


“I would love to see the North Sky Trail , connecting the Foot Hills Trail to Joder Ranch and beyond be constructed.”

Construction on this trail will start in 2022.


“Reach out to youth riding programs around the county Fairview, Boulder high, CU, SMBA, BJC, etc.”

BMA does have relationships with all these groups but we can always do better. We hosted trail building events with Fairview, Boulder, BJC this year and will be at CU Bike Fest on Aug. 31.  We also have a nascent Youth Advisory Board aimed at getting high school aged kids more involved with BMA, join them at their monthly ride Aug. 27 at Betasso.


“Personally, I’m not on social media any more and actually miss email blasts from groups I used to keep up with on social. Weekly emails or maybe a running blog on the website that is updating more frequently than the news section would help with information/connectivity.”

We send a weekly email during the summer and monthly (or so) emails throughout the rest of the year. You can subscribe here and if you already are subscribed but still not seeing emails, check your promotion or spam folders. You can create a filter in gmail to make sure emails from newsletter@bouldermountainbike.org hit your inbox. We also updated our News page to have a Email Archive, Twitter and Instagram feed so you can see quick updates without going directly to social media.


“Is there a board? What is the board doing? Why are there no reports? Is there a president? What is the president doing? Why are there no reports? We need a monthly membership newspaper/newsletter. BMA needs to “train” candidates for OSBT and POSAC. What is BMA’s goal for the next 3, 5, 10 years? Does anybody know?”

Yes, BMA has a board of directors with A.J. Kamish at the helm. At the time of this writing, A.J. is bike-packing in Europe. When not on vacation, he leads board meetings, reviews boring financial reports, and works on the short and long-term goals and vision of BMA alongside the rest of the board. We put out an annual report (2020 notwithstanding) and hold an annual members meeting (2021 date TBD). We’d love to get more mountain bikers on the City and County Open Space Advisory Boards (OSBT and POSAC) but find that the monthly meeting commitments for 5 years is daunting for most people. You’re right, we can be more explicit and transparent about BMA’s long and short term goals, stay tuned.



“We need help to elect local officials that will support new trails and biking initiatives. Why isn’t there a list of bike-friendly candidates sent to members before every election so we know who to support?”

As a 501(c)3 non-profit, BMA is not legally allowed to endorse candidates. Last city council election we worked with Boulder Public Lands Coalition to send out a questionnaire to candidates and plan on another one this year. We also hope to host some sort of candidate forum for the cycling community to meet the candidates and ask them about their views on mountain biking.


“A calendar in exportable format iCal or gcal would be helpful. Seemingly lots of steps to participate in trail maintenance. More intermediate advanced rides and clinics needed.”

You can import our calendar! Look for the link at the bottom of our Events page or for the export button at the bottom of each event.

No extraneous steps to participate in trail maintenance. Just sign up and show up, no experience necessary!

We are looking at ways to add more intermediate clinics to our rotation for 2022.


“Trails conditions updates. Having more up to date information would be great. I see more updates from OSMP than from BMA…maybe incorporate their data to BMA sites/apps.” and “Previous question on trails conditions that I rated low was cause I don’t think BMA tells me if trails are muddy – newsletters or weekly emails are not a good fit for that hourly changing info.”

BMA’s Trail Conditions page is updated with all official trail closures (including all OSMP and BCPOS updates) but you are right, it’s hard to have exact conditions all the time. Our conditions page is reliant on crowd-sourced reports by people just like you! You can submit condition reports right on our website or through Trailforks.


“Fight the equestrians or leverage relationship for more trail access and maintenance resources.”

BMA’s mission is “improving the trail experience for all users.” This year we have been talking with Boulder County Horse Association about how to increase education about equestrians to mountain bikers. We are also part of the Boulder Public Lands Coalition, a multi-user group working to improve access to public lands. BMA has never advocated against another user group and has no plans to do so in the future. We hope that by fostering these positive relationships we can improve and create trail systems for all trail users.


“BMA should look into buying land to build mt bike only trails. Build more single track mt bike only directional trails.”

We’re listening… Related, can you spot us $3,000,000?


“A special brew.”

We like where you are going with this.

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