You think biking takes a break in the winter? Heck no, silly! Fatbiking rules in Boulder County between November and April! As fatbiking continues to grow in popularity around here, BMA has been teaming up with the US Forest Service’s Boulder Ranger District to make it even more silly fun and to help everyone get along on our multi-use trails. Here’s some of the things BMA has been up to this winter:

  • We’ve helped install Trail Courtesy & Etiquette signs at Brainard Lake and Peaceful Valley (the best places around to fatbike). The signs are there so people know who yields to who and how not to mess up the trails by post-holing.

– Giving directions
– Educating people so we all get along and nobody turns into a frozen dead guy
– Clearing the trails of pesky downed branches and small trees
– Assisting with medical emergencies

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