Bike Patrol

Providing assistance and education on the trails

Providing assistance and education on the trails

boulder mountain Bike Patrol

The Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol mission is to promote responsible riding and trail use on our public lands, provide assistance and education to trail users, and participate in this mission by riding bikes.

Who we are

The Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol (BMBP) is a volunteer service organization affiliated with Boulder Mountainbike Alliance that provides assistance to Boulder County Parks & Open Space, City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks, City of Boulder Parks and Recreation, and the US Forest Service.

What we do

Our patrollers ride designated County, City, and US Forest Service trails and provide simple, helpful assistance (such as giving directions to trail users, helping with minor mountain bike repairs, and educating visitors about the rules of the trail). Patrollers report visitor counts and observations after completing their rides, providing valuable information to our partner agencies.

Patrol Statistics

YearHours PatrolledMiles Patrolled

Join the Bike Patrol


  • Ride your bike! Wear the patrol placard and name tag while helping and advising fellow trail users.
  • Practice proper trail etiquette and yielding, leading by example.
  • Interact with other trail users. Be positive and helpful.
  • Log a quick report via an online form after each patrol.


  • Get to know other patrollers through our monthly happy hour.
  • Get training in First Aid and CPR.
  • Give back to the mountain bike community.


  • Complete the annual training.
  • Log a minimum of 24 patrol hours per calendar year.
  • Complete a brief interview and pass a background check.
  • Have a mountain bike in good working condition. Wear a helmet.
  • Follow and promote IMBA’s Rules of the Trail.
  • Must be 18 years or older.

 The 2024 Patrol application period has ended. Check back in January to apply for 2025.

Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol History

2020 – 2021

  • Adopted agency-recomended COVID protocols to ensure safety for both Patrollers and visitors to public lands.

2017 – 2019

  • Implemented Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol Leadership Council, comprised of current and former patrol directors.


  • Added Boulder Reservoir to the Patrol’s area of operation.


  • Fully integrated Valmont Bike Park as another agency.
  • Added City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) and Boulder County Open Space (BCOS) trails for patrolling.


  • Achieved yet another big year-to-year increase in patrol hours.
  • Virtually eliminated end-of-year member drops due to insufficient individual hours.
  • Launched a pilot Valmont Bike Park patrol program leading to full integration in 2013.
  • Overhauled patroller training strategy to positive effect.


  • Oversaw a significant increase in patrol hours.
  • Organized the design and funding of BMBP jerseys.
  • Provided a wide array of generous pro-deals for patrollers.
  • Increased participation in organizational tasks.
  • Established a senior patroller designation for solo Forest Service (USFS) patrolling.

2009 – 2010

  • Increased social activities for patrollers
  • Implemented new reporting system, so data-driven feedback could be easily provided to the agencies.
  • Grew the Patrol to over 60 active members.


  • Implemented a single patrol training to cover all three agencies with public lands in OSMP, BCOS, and USFS.


  • Continued to improve collaboration with the USFS and with locals in Nederland.


  • Expanded patrol beyond being Boulder County park hosts.
  • Focused patrol efforts exclusively on the West Magnolia area (USFS) on summer weekends using the Front Range Mountain Bike Patrol in Buffalo Creek as a model.
  • Expanded patrol from around 8 to around 20 patrollers.


  • Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol started in the mid-1990s, when the Boulder Offroad Alliance (now Boulder Mountainbike Alliance) had a small patrol arm.
  • Trained patrollers as Boulder County park hosts to teach them how to interact with other trail users and provide helpful information.