Mountain Biking Skills Clinics

How ever you ride your bike, we’ll help you ride it better

How ever you ride your bike, we’ll help you ride it better

Mountain Biking Skills Clinics

Be more confident and in control – and have more fun on the trail. Our mountain bike skills clinics give you the bike handling skills you need to take your riding ability to the next level.

MTB Foundations

New to mountain biking or wanting to improve with a skills clinic? Our Foundations skills clinic will help make you a better rider and feel more comfortable on your bike. You’ll learn about, watch, and practice a range of basic skills that are the foundation of mountain biking at any level.

MTB Series

This month long 4-class novice-level clinic series will cover MTB Foundation skills and more advanced climbing & descending and cornering techniques. The weekly format allows you to practice skills on your own between classes and be ready to build on those skills throughout the month!

Progression Sessions

Are you an experienced rider wanting to improve your skills and become a stronger rider? Each Progression clinic covers 30 minutes of basic Foundation skills and then focuses on two to three skill areas in depth.

Our skills clinics are held at Valmont Bike Park unless otherwise specified. Ages 14 and up are welcome.

Upcoming Skills Clinics

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Our Clinics


Whether you’re just getting started with mountain biking or would like to brush up on your skills, this clinic is for you. In this introductory class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Ride with balance and body-bike separation.
  • Brake properly.
  • Climb and descend on trails.
  • Shift to the correct gear.
  • Steer and corner.
  • Performing basic front wheel lifts.
  • Roll down small drops.

MTB Series

The weekly format of this 4-class month-long series allows you to practice skills on your own between classes and be ready to build on those skills throughout the month. We’ll cover MTB Foundation skills and more advanced climbing & descending and cornering techniques.

  • Ride with balance and body-bike separation.
  • Brake properly.
  • Climb and descend on trails.
  • Shift to the correct gear.
  • Steer and corner.
  • Approach obstacles including basic front wheel lifts.
  • Roll down drops.


Living in Colorado, it seems that we’re always going up or downhill. In this clinic for more experienced riders you will continue to find ways to improve your riding. In addition to reviewing Foundation skills you’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate roots, logs, and rocks in both directions.
  • Perform wheel lifts for clearing obstacles.
  • Apply climbing and descending techniques.
  • Roll down large drops and land air-off drops.
  • Dismount while climbing or descending


You’ve mastered a lot of skills, but now you’re looking to clear that twisty trail. In this clinic designed for adept riders, you’ll discover how to corner with confidence at slow and fast speeds. In addition to reviewing Foundation skills you’ll learn how to:

  • Perform high-speed cornering.
  • Tackle berms.
  • Corner at low speeds for tight switchbacks.
  • Master track stands.
  • Develop vision to look through the turns.

Tips for Beginners

“Heavy Feet: Light Hands”

Make this your new mantra. Unless you’re going uphill, stand on your pedals with weight on your feet instead of your hands, you’ll have more control over your bike.

Look ahead

Look way up the trail while scanning the trail in front of you. Keep your eyes looking where you want to go – and not at the rock you want to avoid.

Maintain balance

Are your feet still heavy and your hands still light? Perfect! In this position your bodyweight should always be over the center of your bike. Going uphill requires you to shift forward, while going downhill means your butt is behind your saddle.

Stay Loose

Try to keep a bend in your knees and elbows and relax your muscles, this is your body’s natural suspension and will smooth the trail for you.

Get in ‘ready’ position

Get your body low. Now get lower. Keep your butt low, your elbows high and pedals level. Resist squeezing your seat with your thighs.

Brake gently

Use only your index finger and apply constant, gentle pressure to both brakes. This will help you avoid the dreaded “endo”.

Our Coaches

David Holshouser

David has been riding mountain bikes since 1993, and participating in long rides since 2005. He even celebrated his honeymoon by riding with his new bride for 8 days across Scotland. David is a BICP Level 3 certified skills instructor and has served BMA since 2013, teaching technical MTB skills to over 400 clinic participants. “I am very excited about the opportunity to give back to the community and help others get more enjoyment from their mountain biking. Since participating in my first MTB skills clinic in 2010, my passion for mountain biking has only grown stronger. Being able to pass on knowledge to others has brought a level of fulfillment to a sport that I consider to be an integral part of my life.”

David has raced the Bailey Hundito, Dakota Five-O, Firecracker 50, 24 Hours of Moab, 18 Hours of Fruita, PV Derby, Laramie Enduro, Breck 32 and 68, and ridden Boulder to Steamboat, the BMA Sufferfest, the Triple Bypass, and part of the Continental Divide route.

Art Schwadron

Art has been mountain biking for 25 years and working on other 2 wheel skills for even longer. He is still making progress and excited to help with yours. Art is an BICP Level 2 Certified Instructor.

Josh Boyd

Josh has actively participated in IMBA chapters as a ride leader, and volunteer for MORE in the Washington DC area as well as BMA in Boulder Colorado. He is a member of the Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol and a BMA Brute Squad rider. Josh is a BICP Level 2 Instructor and is in his 3rd year teaching skills courses with BMA.

Josh has raced his mountain bike sponsored and individually for the past 8 years. He has completed long endurance races such as the Lumberjack 100 and Shenandoah 100. He mostly enjoys stage racing and has completed Moab Rocks and Breck Epic races.

In the winter time you’ll find him spending time skiing in the resorts and in the backcountry.

Josh is passionate about mountain bike skills:  “A strong foundation in bike handling skills translates into confidence on the trails and will lead to a good time”.

A.J. Kamish

AJ combines two of his passions to deliver mountain bike skills clinics – people and bikes. His professional strengths are related to communication and he has a particular knack for explaining an idea using metaphors and plain language to keep it simple. He has volunteered with BMA to lead Social Rides and act as a Skills Clinic assistant in years past.

“I love seeing people light up when they discover that they can do something – it lights a fire in them and is contagious. I’m looking forward to meeting new people interested in progressing their mountain biking, helping them to do so, and continuing to learn myself along the way!”

Kelsey Wisinski

Kelsey has been part of BMA since moving to Boulder, CO in 2018. She is an active BMA volunteer as a ride guide and board member, in addition to volunteering for Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol. She has a long history of coaching and teaching in her previous sport, muay thai, for over a decade and is a Level 2 BICP skills instructor – she is excited to take her passion for instructing to the trail.
“My favorite part about teaching is to be able to share something I love – there is nothing more rewarding that passing your passion on to someone else, no matter their skill level or experience. We all make each other better!”
She races professional downhill, and in the summers you can find her at Trestle bike park in her favorite Hawaiian shirt or at Bitterbrush after work.


Aaron Juretus

Aaron has been riding bikes his whole life, but really started getting into mountain biking around 2012. He was actually a BMA skills clinic student in 2016, and it was a big help to his riding ability. Along with teaching as a Level 1 BICP skills instructor, he also volunteers as a BMA ride guide and is a member of the BMA Brute Squad. If you want to talk bike parts and gear, Aaron could go all day. He loves working on his bikes and tends to be pretty picky about which parts go on them.

Zane Wilson

Zane is a Level 2 BICP instructor. Zane has been a passionate rider since childhood—bmx riding in his early days; mountain biking and street riding in the present moment. He moved to CO to pursue his dream of snowboarding, but a significant knee injury channeled his energy back into biking by way of the mountain bike. Mountain biking was a way to rehabilitate his knee and train for upcoming winter seasons, but he quickly realized it was evolving into his new hobby. He still snowboards today, but it starts and ends with mountain biking.

While the big blue skies and the solitude of rolling, meandering singletrack in Colorado is his ultimate love, he actually prefers the accessibility and creativity of a street ride around his local town of Longmont, CO. He realized he could get out and ride more—and more importantly, hone in his skills—around town as opposed to out on singletrack where it requires more time to get to those trails. If you drive through Longmont, you might see him manualing down Main Street, riding a wheelie, doing a rolling stoppie across an intersection, or several other trials bike maneuvers he loves to do.

Best of all, he is equally passionate about teaching these skills to new riders because it keeps us all safer on the trails and allows us to raise the fun factor of riding more single track.


Diane Pappas

Diane moved to Colorado in 2008 and immediately picked up cycling as a great way to stay in shape and meet new friends. She has been involved with Boulder Mountainbike Alliance as a volunteer Ride Guide and Mountain Bike Patrol since 2009. Diane holds her BICP Level 1 Instructor Certification and enjoys working with beginner and beginner/intermediate riders who are just learning to love the sport of mountain biking. She has also mentored for the past 8 years with a youth group that advocates getting more girls on mountain bikes! Diane describes herself as an “normal” person who just happens to love mountain biking and wants to share her love of the sport with others. “When you come to Boulder it can be intimidating with all of the high-level athletes in the area. I want to show that an average, normal person can enjoy this sport and get out on the trails without being an extreme athlete”.


Rafael Guevara

Raf is a BICP Level 1 certified coach.


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