BMA and City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) hosted two trail building events on September 12 and 14 to make improvements to the Coal Seam trail at Marshall Mesa. The goal of the project was to add a cattle grate next to the original gate to allow mountain bikers to access the trail without opening and closing the gate. Also, several areas of the trail that are prone to mud were armored and trees were trimmed for horse access. OSMP finished the grate and replaced the fencing and gate the week of September 23.

Special thanks to the Fairview High School Mountain Bike Team and their parents for volunteering their Saturday to help steward the trails they ride!

By the numbers:

  • 46 Volunteers
  • 275 volunteer hours
  • 360 linear feet trail/cattle guard area surfaced.
  • Excavated and installed cattle guard pit box
  • 88 linear feet water diversion swale constructed
  • 15 trees limbed for equestrian clearance
  • 120 linear feet trail backsloped.
  • 130 linear feet social trail/braid restored
  • 120 square feet stone paving of muddy drainage crossing

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