Despite an early snowstorm on September 8 that lead to 3 canceled trail days, BMA and City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) hosted 3 volunteer days and were able to open the new and improved Community Ditch realignment on September 19. Special thanks goes out to all our volunteers, especially Boulder and Fairview high school mountain bike teams! The new trail is flowy and playful with a couple of alternative line rock hucks and fun bumps.

While the new trail is open, it’s still rough in spots and volunteers and OSMP staff will continue to work on the tread and rock features throughout September. The old section of trail is officially closed and volunteers will begin rehabilitation. OSMP staff will also continue working on the high part of the trail repairing the braiding damage.

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The lucky volunteers on September 19 dug in the morning and rode new trail in the afternoon!