UPDATE 9/7: The tread is finished! Boulder County Parks & Open Space has a couple retaining walls and a culvert to complete before the trail can open to the public.

Almost 3 years after the devastating Calwood fire, Heil Valley Ranch is getting a new trail! When South Heil reopened to the public in June of 2022, the lower section of the Wapiti trail remained closed due to a new golden eagle nest. The eagles are thriving in their new nest location, which means that section of Wapiti will be closed indefinitely. But the silver lining is, we are helping Boulder County Parks & Open Space build a new trail that won’t disturb the eagles and will be a MUCH better experience than the current service road detour.

BMA kicked off our first volunteer trail event on Tuesday, August 22 and we are hosting 5 more Tuesday evening crews, c’mon out and join us!

August 29
September 5
September 12
September 19
September 26

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