BMA is stoked to be teaming up with the Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA) to help the City of Black Hawk develop a new trail system!

About the Project

The City of Black Hawk purchased 600 acres to develop a 12-mile long recreational trail system for hiking, running, and mountain biking on Maryland Mountain. As of August 2020, an ore-hauling tramway track has been converted into a green-rated access trail and is now open for use. Other singletrack trails are under construction, including a blue rated trail to the top of the summit. COMBA successfully advocated for 2 bike-only downhill trails to be added to the system! Construction on the first of these trails – a blue rated 2.4 mile long trail descending 1,000 ft – began in mid-August and construction of a 2 mile long flow trail began in mid-September. A black rated bike-only downhill trail is also in the works!


What is the timeline?

The blue trail and blue/green flow trail will roughed in this fall but we won’t be able to open them for riding without significant moisture to pack down the dirt. The black trail and the rest of the system should be built out by the end of summer 2021.

What is BMA’s involvement?

Along with helping design the final trail alignment, BMA is also coordinating with COMBA to bring trail crew leaders and volunteers to the project.

Who else is involved?

Professional Trailbuilders High Country Conservation and Black Diamond Designs are doing the design/build with planning and construction help from COMBA and BMA. Bill Mangle with ERO Resources is contributing to the design of the downhill trails. Thanks to our many volunteers!

Where is this trail system?

You can access Maryland Mountain from the Hidden Treasure trailhead.

But… aren’t there just casinos in Black Hawk?

The town also plans a substantial overhaul of its historic Gregory Street, which will include a casino-free walking mall with a brewery, distillery, shops and restaurants. Expect the options for post-ride food and beverages to expand along with the trails!

Will eMTBs be allowed?

Black Hawk hasn’t established this policy yet, but we’re expecting they will be allowed.

How can I get involved?

We need volunteers to help with trail building. Sign up to build NEW trail.

Click on the image below to see full gallery.

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