Last week we sent BMA members a survey to find out if they night ride and if not, why not? In this time of the COVID-19 crisis and the need for social distancing on trails, night riding is a great option for mountain bikers to spread out use so our trails aren’t crowded.
By the Numbers

892 members with valid emails addresses were emailed the survey

531 members opened the email

252 members responded

Surprisingly, the majority of respondents say they do night ride. We speculate that:

BMA members tend to be on the more intermediate/advanced/stoked end who are more than occasional riders and use night riding as a way to ride nearly year round in Boulder.

Members who night ride are more inclined to open and respond to an email survey about night riding.

Member who responded that they haven’t gone for a night ride or don’t go very often were given a list of reasons as to why. Multiple answers were allowed. It’s interesting to see that not having lights or knowing that some night riding is allowed are in the top answers.
Ready to night ride right meow?

Did all these questions about night riding remind you that you already have lights and are ready to go? Check out our Night Ride guide on our Where to Ride page!

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