Edited: Powder Keg is now Ore Chute trail

The wait is nearly over! The newest addition to the Maryland Mountain trail system, Powder Keg, is set to open Friday, September 16th! The signs are up, this week’s moisture should settle things in nicely, and the Strava segment is ready!

This expert level, downhill, bike-only trail will surely get your blood pumping, so bring your A-game. Seriously though, it’s an expert level trail so if you’re not comfortable riding the very first feature at the top, this trail will be something to build up to as it doesn’t get any easier from there.

Powder Keg has been a long time coming and it certainly was a group effort. Special thanks to Orbea, Team Evergreen Cycling, Jagged Axe Trail Designs, and Colorado Mountain Bike Association for helping us bring this beast to life.

NOTE: There will be film and trail crews on both Powder Keg and Hard Money this Saturday, 9/17, so if you plan to ride that day, be aware that there will be some traffic on the trail.

Powder Keg on Trailforks.com

Click the image to see full gallery

Check out this full run of Powder Keg POV from frober30!

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