Following a similar excursion on the South Boulder trails east of Highway 93 last fall, BMA again joined Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) staff on June 12 to document the SoBo trail conditions west of 93. We identified problem areas and discussed solutions including which projects are easy fixes, which require resource staff approvals and help from professional trail builders, and which are suitable for this year’s trail posse.

What we found:

  • Flat Irons Vista South has been getting wider and nastier, but now we have a chance to get it fixed once and for all.
  • Sections of Spring Brook and Doudy Draw trails require some routine maintenance including reestablishing proper drainage.
  • Other sections of Spring Brook and Doudy Draw require armoring and installation of grade reversals and berms to make the trails more sustainable and less susceptible to water damage.

More good news:

  • Making the trails more fun for bikes, including building alternate lines, is now officially part of the design consideration.
  • We have more cattle grates coming to replace the gates!

Come out and help us make all these trail improvements.

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