BMA hosted 2 volunteer trail building weekends in August and completed a brand new trail in the West Magnolia system. Short Stack connects Observatory to Hobbit 2 and creates a 1/3 mile singletrack option to bypass road 355. Special shout out to the BMA Brute Squad who showed up in force on 8/24. By the numbers:

Total Volunteers: 43
Total Hours: 278

More West Magnolia improvements will start on September 13. The USFS and BMA have contracted with Rocky Mountain Youth Corp, Contour Logic and Gumption Trail Works to help with these projects:

  • Tall Stack (New 34) will provide an important connection between Hobbit 3 and Lookout. About a mile long, this trail will create a bigger loop option around the lower West Magnolia trail system and also provide a smaller 2.5-3 mile loop incorporating Lookout and Hobbit 3.
  • Re-Root, Hobbit 1, and Observatory Intersection: Work will extend Hobbit 1 to the main parking lot and Observatory trailhead. Additionally, the trails require a reroute to reduce intersections from three to one for increased intuitive navigation, to discourage off trail use and improve navigability.
  • Sugar Magnolia and Aspen Alley Intersection Reroute: The final 450 feet of Aspen Alley ends in a drainage and water flow has caused a deep rut. Work will include realigning this trail segment slightly to the south and out of the drainage.

> Read more about the Magnolia Non-Motorized Trails Project

Click on image to see full gallery of August 24-25 trail building

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