Boulder County Parks & Open Space is planning a new open space park just northwest of the Town of Erie. This property, once a gravel mining operation, has been restored to riparian areas and ponds with amazing views of the mountains.

The proposed draft management plan for East Boulder Creek will “grant the public access to 4.8 miles of soft surface trail, 0.75 miles of accessible trail, public access to water, regional trail connections, diverse viewing experiences of landscapes and wildlife, as well as accessible parking, picnicking, and gathering facilities.

Of particular interest to gravel riders, trail runners, and equestrians is the potential for connectivity to Town of Erie trails and Boulder County regional trails such as the Coal Creek trail and the proposed Boulder to Erie trail.

Want to support soft surface trails at East Boulder Creek?

➡️ Take the survey by Oct 29
➡️ Submit written comments to POSAC
➡️ Provide verbal comments at POSAC meeting on Oct. 26 at 6:30 p.m.

Read BMA’s comment to POSAC

To help show the potential for connections to Erie and regional trails, BMA created the following 2 maps to supplement the Boulder County provided maps.

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