Imagine your kids (and even yourself) riding flowy fun singletrack to get to school…or to downtown. This could be a reality. The City of Louisville has proposed Singletrack Sidewalks concept plan for “Fun Routes to School” and it needs your support for this and more bike friendly commuting & recreation trail accommodations!

What can you do?

Look over the draft TMP. (see below for details of where to find this in the doc, direct download)*

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Attend a meeting at Louisville City Hall

  • Trails and Open Space Board will review on 9/11
  • Planning Commission on 9/12
  • City Council adoption on 10/1

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Talking points

  • I SUPPORT INVESTING IN FUN ROUTES TO SCHOOL! Let’s invest in our children!
  • I SUPPORT prioritizing bike underpasses and off street bike paths.
  • Louisville has been named “best small town in America”…let’s not rest on those laurels….investing in better bike infrastructure like safe and fun routes to school for families confirm that.
  • Not only should the city seek ways to invest in fun (as well as safe infrastructure) routes to school, but they should investing in more trail connectivity and cross town routes like the Powerline trail for all users.
  • Foot for foot, the cost for off street Fun Routes to School singletrack is far and away an economical investment.
  • Hwy 42 is a State Hwy passing through Louisville that needs better/safer off street bike paths and underpasses for children getting to school and sports complex and for people visiting downtown.

*TMP – The “fun routes” concept is Program 4. It is page 101 of the PDF. On pages 88 and 89, labeled as MU 35 is the pilot project along the Powerline Trail. There is also a prioritization table on page 110, but it is currently incomplete and the city’s consultant is updating the table in the next couple of days.

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