By Mike Rutter

Our last City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks (OSMP) trail event finished up the work on the 2022 Doudy Draw project. This project focused on repairing trail braiding damage and bringing the trail back to one singletrack tread. We also repaired eroded sections and added rock armoring and gravel to historically muddy areas to make the trail more resilient during wet weather and reduce muddy closures.

We had our normally scheduled Thursday night (Sept. 15) trail event at Doudy Draw, and though we had a full house signed up, I think many of these folks were high school racers that didn’t realize they had a conflict with practice. That left us with a small but mighty force of five volunteers and we got to work cutting in a new drain and removing a Volkswagen-sized boulder out of the trail (pics might reveal otherwise, but it was a ginormous boulder).

Saturday (Sept. 17) saw us back at Doudy Draw with a much bigger crew of over 25. We added narrowing points on this wide open meadow trail to help keep people on the trail and discourage trail-widening. OSMP added crushed gravel on a historically muddy and braided section, and we were able to add a few more drains and then water and compact the surface to help ensure it holds up to use and winter precipitation. We also added a short section of rock armoring to keep the pond from developing in this steeper section leading to a flat area. Volunteers also laid down seed blanket to help revegetate the edges of the trail to keep it singletrack.

Special thanks to the Fairview High Mountain Bike team for all their help on this project!