By Mike Rutter, Trails Program Director

Hall Ranch (like a lot of the Front Range) got some heavy rains this summer, which created some deep ruts. I’ve been working on repairing this area and other improvements this fall.

October 30: OK, so we had a little issue at Hall in the Rock Garden this past spring. I finally got back to getting this section rebuilt. See the photos below in order from finished line, ripped out, small pond where the rocks used to be (which is why they were there), and now back to being armored in.
I’m not sure what was the reasoning was for ripping this section out. As I stated back in the summer on Facebook, it was to help transition the rock move above back on to the trail more efficiently. I hope that this matter is cleared up and everyone understands why the work took place.
If anyone does have an issue with either the existing trail or a new trail feature, please reach out to me and let’s resolve it together instead of just going rogue.

November 9: Great dirt at Hall Ranch today…where was everyone?! I worked on a couple of rutted out drains that were a little bothersome, but I was waiting on precip to make the dirt easier to dig and more packable.
Also, I got a few riders to pre-ride this little hip jump just below the road crossing on Bitterbrush, aka Rock Garden. It turned out great and gets the party started as soon as you cross the road!

November 13: Oi! The bike stand cover at the top of Antelope at Hall Ranch has been replaced. Someone ripped it off and then either took it home or hucked it into orbit as it could not be found in the vicinity.
I replaced the air hose components this spring, but the pump still feels kinda sticky. If you have any issues, please use the QR code on the sticker on the side of the stand and let us know if anything needs some love!!

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