By Mike Rutter, Trail Programs Director

Check out this new alt-line on Hard Money at Maryland Mountain! Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA) volunteer Adam Wood had a vision for it, linking 2 natural rock slabs together and I joined the crew for a couple days to help stitch it together.

To find the upper entrance, it’s on the left just after the first right hand turn following the jump section. It starts on steep armor through a rock slab, more armor to a catch before joining the original trail on a right-hand turn. Stay left to take a 4-5’ drop (brake a bit the first time off as I’m sure no brakes and a pull will give you around 7’ of air). Fast section after the drop leads into another rock slab and catch that feeds you straight into the original entrance to the next rock roll.

Big thanks to all those that have helped on this project going back to the beginning, Adam, Dave, Drew, Rod, Mark, Gil, COMBA Strike Force (Josh, Ben, Luke), Dustin, Jack, Matt, and Josh. Thanks also to the city of Blackhawk for letting us build interesting features on their land and to COMBA members for keeping the organization funded.

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