Last week saw a continuation of the work on upper Picture Rock.

My goal with Picture Rock has been a season-long approach to getting this trail back to its original glory along with more bike-optimized features that weren’t a part of the original construction. Our evening sunshine is quickly waning as we slip into fall, so we tried meeting at 4pm on our Tuesday work nights starting the first of September and that’s been a profound success. Right now we are just under the largest of the four turns that get riders up to the bench at the Wild Turkey junction.

We have just under a mile to go on PR, but it’s the roughest, rockiest section and I’m not sure that we’ll see enough daylight heading into October to keep our Tuesday nights going. We are almost a 30 minute hike in from the Pyrite entrance, so that also shortens our work time. There is the option of walking our bikes in on Pyrite to the trail (no bikes allowed off trail) and that might shorten our approach and departure times. Our tentative last day is this coming Tuesday, the 27th.

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