By Mike Rutter, Trails Program Director

Snow doesn’t stop BMA from making trail improvements. When the ground is frozen and covered in that white stuff, we’ll shift our attention to our snow packed trails. The early season means moving around snow to cover up rocks and roots and make a solid base to last the whole season.

I worked up until dark yesterday at Peaceful Valley shaping snow on MSV to the start of Buchanan. Track is getting really solid through here. I’m filling in gaps in snow cover and adding berms. Jumps are tricky as we do not want to upset the ski folks that are just out for a cruise and not looking to pull “Daffy’s” on the trail. However, there are definitely some fun rock rolls that can be dialed in a little better and I’ll keep working on that.

Saw an older couple rocking snowshoes and I thanked them for their service. They replied, We hate postholers!! (We don’t “hate” anyone, but we feel your pain!) I politely encourage folks that are boot hiking to wear snowshoes to help pack the trail for everyone. It makes everyone’s experience better!!

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