By Mike Rutter, Trails Program Director

Busy week getting after trails in the area! Tuesday we continued punching our way up Wild Turkey at Heil clearing drains, opening turns, and fixing some of the rock armoring in the wet areas.

Wednesday had me up at West Mag fixing signposts and a few drains all over the area. The sign posts at Observatory & Short Stack and Schoolbus & Hobbit 3 needed to be re-done.

Aspen Alley still needs some love as it’s a little too soft to get the berms properly packed out after the snowmelt did some damage. I fixed a few drains where I could there. First picture – This was at the bottom of Aspen Alley. I dug out the exit of the drain to get water flowing through faster without pooling up as much. Second picture – Most of the drains on Aspen Alley were plugged up like this one. Third picture – I opened the drain up and feathered the transition to the next berm section. Should feel a little more smooth.

Before – This is little drain was on the backside of Hobbit. Snow melt combined with recent rains have left some areas saturated with lots of runoff. After – Ahhhh, now we have a proper drain and even a backup drain down the trail just in case. I also shaped the berm coming into this drain as well as cut back some of the aspens that were creeping into the trail corridor.

Thursday saw me up at Maryland Mtn with the COMBA crew working on Claimjumper. The upper part of this trail connects Easy Money up to the hub for Fast Money, Hard Money, and Ore Chute. If you haven’t ridden down it you should give it a go as it has some spicy alternate features as you make your way down to Paymaster where you can transfer over to finish on Fast Money or head back up Easy Money to the top again.

Speaking of Fast Money, it was riding really well with the last rain storm coming through. Trails in general throughout the area are about as good as it gets right now, so go get yours!

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