By Mike Rutter, Trails Program Director

November 7: Today we had the usual suspects plus one newbie ride up and work on Wild Turkey trying to bring back some flow and speed while adding some rock features. Big thanks to Will Kelsey, Andrew Kelsay, Dave Thompson, and of course, the incomparable Aaron Bouplon!!
We rounded the corner (finally!) and are now headed up Ponderosa to the Wapiti junction where we’ll start working our way down the jangled, super chunder, fire-impacted Wapiti trail to get it back to the high consequence, rocky chunder fest that made it so baller in the good ol’ days. (JK) 🙂

November 14: Hey Y’all! We’ve been making progress at Heil, so I thought I’d catch everyone up with a sick vlog! Today we worked on the section of Ponderosa that connects Wapiti to Wild Turkey, so I wanted to show off the work that Aaron Bouplon and Allen James did today.