Future Projects

Working to create more fun trails in and around Boulder

Future Projects

BMA continues to advocate for new mountain bike trails, especially trails that improve connectivity from town and between adjacent trail areas. Here are some of the projects on our radar.

Betasso Connector

Project description: Boulder County Parks & Open Space evaluated several trails options in 2016 to add trail connections from Betasso Preserve to Boulder Canyon or Fourmile Canyon roads.

What happening: Future considerations are being put on hold until the Boulder Canyon Drive construction project is completed in 2021.

Lefthand OHV

Project description: In 2021, the USFS was awarded a planning grant to determine if the area can be re-opened to off-highway vehicles. This process will include a full assessment of the area, including a trails inventory.

What’s happening: The planning process is expected to start sometime in 2022. BMA is a stakeholder and will advocate for all existing trails to remain open to mountain bikers.

North Boulder

Project description: There’s many trail opportunities arising from the 2015 North Trail Area Study Plan (NTSA) including valuable trail connections and important trail improvements.

What’s happening: BMA helped advocate for the North Sky Trail to connect North Boulder to Heil Valley Ranch on the west side of Highway 36. This new trail will use existing trail segments of the Beech Trail and Joder Ranch, while incorporating new trail to cover missing segments. Construction is expected to start in 2022. The NTSA also incorporates a redesign and rebuild of Boulder Valley Ranch trails to make them more fun and sustainable. 

North Foothills Open Space

Project description: Boulder County Parks & Open Space will conduct a management plan that includes the Heil Valley Ranch, Hall Ranch and Rabbit Mountain areas.

What’s happening: The 2013 Flood put this process on hold, but exciting options are being talked about, such as a Heil to Hall connector, a Rabbit Mountain to Lyons connector, and additional trails at Heil and Hall. Stay tuned for updates!

Eldorado Canyon to Walker Ranch Connector Trail

Project description: The Eldorado Canyon to Walker Ranch Multi-Use Connector Trail is a long sought-after plains to mountains singletrack trail. This 4+ mile connection would allow mountain bikers to ride from Boulder to Walker Ranch and beyond and is an important piece of the Indian Peaks Traverse.

What’s happening: BMA has been advocating for this trail for over 20 years, and has participated in the public processes during 2018 and 2019. In 2021, Colorado Parks & Wildlife announced that this trail will no longer be considered.

Indian Peaks Traverse

Project description: This trail through the Indian Peaks connecting Boulder County and Grand County, would wind from the foothills of the Front Range across the high peaks of Colorado and down to the valleys of Winter Park.

What’s happening: We’re working with the IPT Coalition, key agencies, and landowners to support this project and to make this vision a reality. Much of this singletrack trail exists, but a few key segments are still missing, including the Eldo to Walker connector trail and the Toll Trail, which is slated to be completed by 2021/2022.

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