Betasso Link Trail

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The Betasso Link Trail is a short steep climb that's most often used when riding to or from Betasso from Boulder. To get to it, either ride up the Boulder Creek Path to where it dead ends at Fourmile Canyon and then jump onto Boulder Canyon Drive (Highway 119), or park at the head of the trail just before the tunnel on Boulder Canyon Drive.

It's 1 1/4 miles uphill - all uphill, steep, and very technical. The initial section follows the old water treatment pipeline, and is wide - but not easy. It's nearly always a loose & sandy, and has several significant technical areas. And did we mention steep? Once the trail leaves the old pipeline allighnment, it gets far more narrow, and has numerous tight switchbacks. and eventually climbs to and crosses Betasso Road. Shortly after, the trail ends at the Canyon Loop Trail. Heed the directional arrow, and continue your ride.

While this trail technically could be ridden as a downhill shuttle, we highly recommend against doing so for two reasons: 1) this is a heavily used trail close to town and you're going to cause a stress to others with your  downhill gear, and 2) the trail isn't that hard and you look a little foolish trying to play downhiller on a trail this uninspiring.

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Betasso Link Trail Click on image to enlarge
Betasso Link Trail Click on image to enlarge

T: 4 A: 8 C: 4

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1.25 mi.
650 ft.


Fourmile Link Trail is open. Careful on the ice crossing the creek. Bridge still out. Trails at Betasso are very icy! #boco_trails

60% clear 40% snow. Tires stick to the snow, but the snow stays put. Everything's rideable and in pretty good shape

Only a couple of snow drifts that are problematic. Might need to hike 2 short sections up b/c of snow, but the whole way down is good.

Link is Prime Time! great and tacky...

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

Trail is washed out in a couple places down by Boulder Canyon but is otherwise fine.

Trail Meter: Closed»Fair

Looked to be open but I did not ride it to see the actual condition.

Trail Meter: Good»Closed

All boulder open space and mountain park system is closed until further notice.

Completely dry!

5/21: BMA crew rebuilding the steepest section of trail. Dry.

Perfectly dry and in great shape

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