In 2023, BMA’s Program Director Mike Rutter and our awesome community of volunteers helped to build and improve over 50 miles on 20 different trails!

1. Canyon Link

Betasso Preserve

2. Schoolhouse Loop

Heil Valley Ranch

3. Skills Loop

Heil Valley Ranch

4. New Wapiti

Heil Valley Ranch

5. Wild Turkey

Heil Valley Ranch

6. Lower Bitterbrush

Hall Ranch

7. Aspen Alley

West Magnolia

8. Hard Money

Maryland Mountain

9. North Sky

North Boulder

10. Sourdough – Peaceful Valley
11. Buchanan – Peaceful Valley
12. Antelope – Hall Ranch
13. Nelson Loop – Hall Ranch
14. Upper Bitterbrush – Hall Ranch
15. Overland Loop – Heil Valley Ranch
16. Picture Rock – Heil Valley Ranch
17. Upper Wapiti – Heil Valley Ranch
18. Claim Jumper – Maryland Mountain
19. Fast Money – Maryland Mountain
20. Hobbit – West Magnolia

268 volunteers put in over 830 hours of sweat. Here’s where BMA spent our time this year:



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