Boulder County Community Planning & Permitting staff and project consultants presented several proposed alignment options and project constraints of the Boulder to Erie Trail (BERT) to a packed open house on September 13.

The greatest alignment challenge identified by Boulder County is the section between 75th and 95th that traverses through “wet areas” and agricultural land. One proposal is a protected bike lane parallel to 75th and Valmont Road completely off the RTD right-of-way corridor. This option would bring approximately 1/3 of the total length of the trail next to a road.

Of next concern is the Highway 287 crossing. Staff is investigating an at-grade crossing on the road versus detouring north to use an existing creek underpass.

The public has been asked to weigh in on alignment options, so let the county know what you think!

  • What trade offs exist between the alignment concepts?
      Consider: Environmental, Safety, Visitor Experience
  • Of the alignment options, which one stands out to you as most appealing? Why?
  • What concerns do you have about the alignment options?

September 13 Presentation Slides
Project page

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