Big congrats to Ariel S. for being the lucky winner of the Orbea Sweepstakes! Ariel is a devoted rider, in fact, mountain biking runs in his family…his kids ride at a very high level, so the Rise should help him keep up! Ariel plans to put the Rise through its paces at his favorite spots along the Front Range like Lair o’ the Bear and Floyd Hill. If you happen to see Ariel out riding his gorgeous Ocean/Ice Green Orbea Rise, give him a wave of congrats! 🤙

The generosity of the COMBA & BMA communities helped us raise over $28,000 that will all go towards the new advanced bike-only, downhill trail at Maryland Mountain! The effort was a huge success and those of you who didn’t win the Orbea can bask in the glory of a new trail coming this year…that YOU helped build!

BMA and COMBA are reviewing the hundreds of creative trail name suggestions and will be announcing the name of the new trail soon.

Click on the image to see full gallery.

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